BCA Safety Management Certification System (SMC) 0

BCA Safety Management Certification System (SMC)

The ‘Safety Management Certification System for Small and Medium Construction Firms (SMC)’ was introduced by BCA to help small and medium contractors to plan for safety and manage their construction operations in a simple and systematic manner.

BCA contractors registered in grades C1, C2 as well as L2 to L6 for CR08 (Piling), CR10 (Precast Concrete Products) and CR12 (Soil Investigation & Stabilization) are required to obtain BCA SMC certification to remain in these grades. The SMC certification requirement is now extended to contractors registered in grades L2 to L6 for the following work heads:

a) ME01 (Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Works)
b) ME02 (Building Automation, Industrial & Process Control Systems)
c) ME05 (Electrical Engineering)
d) ME06 (Fire Prevention & Protection Systems)
e) ME11 (Mechanical Engineering)
f) ME12 (Plumbing & Sanitary Works)
g) MW02 (Housekeeping, Cleansing, Desilting & Conservancy Service)
h) MW03 (Landscaping)
i) MW04 (Pest Control)

SMC System consists of 4 basic requirements:
a) Occupation Health & Safety Policy
b) Planning
– Planning for hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control
– Legal and other requirement
c) Implementation and Operation
– Structure and responsibility
– Training, awareness and competence
– Document control
– Emergency preparedness and response
d) Checking and Corrective Action
– Performance Monitoring
– Accidents, incidents, non conformances and prevention

ISRC is able to assist your company in the development and implementation of SMC System that meets BCA requirements. Click here for more information on SMC on BCA website

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