About Us

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Who we are

ISRC was formed in 2010 to provide Occupational Health & Safety consultancy and training services to companies and non-profit organizations from various industries. We have expanded our services and products over the years to cover the needs of various industries.

ISRC has since developed capabilities in Quality System, Fire & Emergency Services, Medical Safety, Food Safety, Laboratory Safety and Software Development. ISRC has always prided itself on being providing quality and customized services as we strongly believe every responsible organization should always put their staff safety and well-being with upmost importance. Our consultants are trusted by leading companies, research and educational institutes, government agencies and international bodies.

Our People

Our consultants have a self-critical altitude to continuously upgrade themselves and do a better job for our Clients. We strive to be innovative, provide value- add to organizations, work with more people and improve the quality of our services. We strongly believe that no work is so urgent that we cannot take time to do it in a safe and healthy manner. We want to play our part to improve safety and help protect the lives of the people who work for and with our clients.

We have worked with a wide range of industries in Singapore and around the world. The consultant have benefited from these many years of experience in system audit and implementation, hand-in field management and conduct various form of trainings. The team is highly committed and competent to their respective subject matter. They are also accredited with various international and re-known bodies such as The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), Singapore Ministry of Manpower and many others, to ensure high level of technical competence and professional conduct.