ISRC provides professional service to support incident investigation – determine root cause of the accident, provide effective solution and corrective action, and comprehensive accident report. Our investigators have in-depth experience in successful incident investigation and working with authorities. We aim to assist our clients to improve their incident investigation process by knowledge and skill transferring.

5 Stages of Incident Investigation Process

1. Incident Team Selection and Mobilization

2. Evidence and Data Collection

3. Incident Plot Diagram

4. Root Cause Analysis

5. Recommendation

We provide following services in incident investigation:

Customised/ Bespoke Incident Investigation Course for company investigator

We deliver 2 Days Root Cause Analysis Incident Investigation Course that covers the selection of correct incident team, technical skill on witness interview, compile and analysis of incident data, root cause analysis and report writing.

Provide Investigator to lead a company investigation team

We provide investigator that support in technical knowledge and skill of incident investigation technique that company lack off.

Provide Investigator Team to conduct standalone independent investigation

We provide independent investigation team that assist company to conduct standalone audit to ensure objectivity and impartiality especially during occurrence of incident that is controversial in nature or that will lead to legal proceeding.

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