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Globarius comprises of 6 modules of apps that companies can easily subscribe to the modules they want or customized into an OEM “superapp” that compromises several modules to suit their operational needs. It is an asynchronous Reporting System which allows staff on the ground to easily make or submit a report/checklist using a mobile app and automatically channeled to the responsible person for closure. Management will also be able to have real-time update and tracking of performance.

The passport module is a centralised Single Sign On (SSO) feature to manage all accounts in the app. Users will be able to do multiple log in which they are authorised with just one account.

Globarius Modules :

⚫️ Observation & Intervention (O&I)
Personnel will be able to use the app to take photos and report observations. These observations will be directly to the pre-assigned persons in charge for follow-up.
Closure can be done on the app and with the person who initiated the observation. Guideline can be provided on the app to assist personnel on the observation.

⚫️ Monitoring & Checklist
Company may digitalised as many checklist as necessary on the system and make available for use on the app thus reducing the need to print out the checklist. A timer can be set to remind personnel to complete the checklist or simply use the checklist as and when necessary. Completed checklist can be routed for approvals or archive for easy retrieval.

⚫️ Manpower
Allows company to track the number of personnel that is on the company premise or site. Assigned personnel can use the app to report their department strength for the shift or simply adopt an IoT devices for automatic detection of personnel on premise. Managers can have most updated information on the manpower strength almost instantly on the app.

⚫️ Non-compliance & Incident
This module will be able to facilitate the investigation process of non-compliance and incident. Personnel can record the information gathering at each stage of the process and send to the party for their input or review. It will be able to generate a report through this module.

⚫️ Permit-to-Work (PTW)
Company administrator can easily design the various type of work permits and its process in this module. Personnel will then make use of this app to complete and submit the permit for approval. The approval can be given through password or fingerprint/face recognition. To further enhance the site verification process, the completion of PTW forms can only be done so at specific location based on the GPS reading

⚫️ Training
Company will be able to upload the training records of all personnel on the system. Verification if a person has completed a mandatory training can thus be easily carried out site. It will also send a reminder if there a refresher training is necessary.

Key Features

⚫️ Easily Customised
The app has a set of functions set up for each module. Companies can easily add, amend or remove the features and customised it to suit their day to day operation. This reduces cost and time to develop the App from scratch. As an OEM product, the IP of the application suit belongs to the Client thus ensuring full control of the system.

⚫️ Direct Notification
Globarius smart feature allows you to design the network of notification. Direct notification to relevant parties reduces unnecessary alerts. Sender and recipient of notification can be set and reset by the app admin with no frills.

⚫️ Respond on the Go
Globarius allows 24/7 accessibility no matter where you are, as long as you log on to the app through a smartphone, tablet or computer. Single data-entry allows savings in man-hours resulting in increased productivity.

⚫️ Notifications & Alerts
Design your notifications alert, your way.

⚫️ Dashboard Monitoring
Globarius allows you to change parameters of monitoring to your project/organization’s needs. You can easily customise the categories of items that you are interested for people to report and for you to monitor, locations of concerns, project groups, and form part of the corporate monitoring tools.

⚫️ Data Collection & Analysis
Information is translated and collected in exportable reports ( excel, words), allow easy sharing among the work groups and meeting the documentation requirements. Globarius takes the data further as information are neatly and automatically collected in charts and graphs for management overview, performance tracking or for informed decision making.

⚫️ Secured Data
Globarius ensures that data are secured through:
➖ All data are stored in secured cloud database or on-premise (for OEM)
➖ SSL Implementation – Data is private and encrypted during submission and retrieval to minimise
chance of data interception
➖ Re-authorization upon switching organization ID – prevention of unauthorised access

Frontend level authentication to maximize data integrity on user level. Backend encryption security to
maximize data integrity on application and server level. 24/7 monitoring services to ensure applications
with minimal/zero downtime

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