Playgrounds are a favourite place of fun and adventure for children. They have lots of fun sliding down the slides, climbing up the bars, sitting on the swings or simply just running around after another. Playgrounds consist of many fixed and movable structures for them to explore. While they are having fun, accidents may occur and disrupt their play time. While it is impossible achieve to zero playground, we should also never deprive our children of any outdoor play. It is therefore important to design and install safe a playground to ensure our children can have an enjoyable time. 

Main Causes of Playground Accidents

⊗ Playground does not meeting standards requirements

⊗ Installation defers from the original design intent

⊗ Presence of other obstacles not considered during the design stage

⊗ Play equipment are damaged or not properly maintained

⊗ Less then adequate of surface impact absorption in case of falls

⊗ Protruding edges and sharp points

ISRC Playground Safety Inspection

Our Consultants are accredited as Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) by the National Park and Recreation Association (NPRA) in the United States. We will conduct independent Playground Safety Inspection for Clients who have just installed or modify their playgrounds to meet SS 457:2017 and ASTM standards. We will be able to identify and provide recommendations to eliminate hazards and defects on the playground.

Our Playground Inspection Services Include

♠ Testing and commissioning of playgrounds

♠ Compliance audit of completed playground facilities

♠ Conduct Head Impact Test

♠ Periodic maintenance safety inspection

With our inspections, you can achieve the followings

√ Largely reduce the possibility of an accident

√ Increase reliability of your playground

√ Third-party review and audit of the playground

√ Assurance testing

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