International Safety Resource Centre (ISRC) provides consultancy service in Hazardous Substance Management and Licensing for our clients in their organization or project. We will be able to support our Client in creating a safe environment while handling hazardous substances and obtain the necessary permits or licenses.


Hazardous substances (HS) are commonly use/handle/store/transport in several industries such as in laboratory, chemical supplier, third-party storage provider and manufacturing plant. The workplace’s environment possesses safety risk and this can be attributed to the presence of the hazardous substance.

HS Management includes the classification of the hazardous substances. This is to enhance the implementation of control measures via safety practices and managing the associated risks. It is necessary to study if the hazardous substance will require any license to purchase/use/transportation and permit to store and ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements.


With the consultancy service provided, clients will confidentially manage the hazardous substance in a safe way and meeting the legal & licensing requirements.

Our consultancy service includes:

Hazardous Substance Management Gap Analysis

Conduct site visit and gap analysis on the current status of organization and submit gap analysis report.

Classification of Hazardous Substance

Advise on the classification and identification of Hazardous Substance. Provide necessary information on good practices to use and/or handle of the Hazardous Substance.

Requirements for safe transportation or storage of Hazardous Substance

Review on relevant emergency response plan, storage condition and method for various type of hazardous substances. Provide recommendation on transportation and storage requirement in accordance to legal compliances.

Development and interpretation of Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Assist in development of Safety Data Sheet (SDS) with relevant information provided. Review and interpret information on the SDS to provide further assessment and advisory of the information.

Hazardous Substance license and permits application for New & Renewal

Provide assistance in the application (new and renewal) for relevant permits and/or licenses that shall comply to the CNB, HSA, MOM, NEA, SC, SCDF, SPF requirements and Dangerous Goods (DGs) guidelines.

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