ISO 29990

Learning Services for Non-Formal Education and Training

ISO 29990 provides a generic model for quality professional practice and performance for Learning Service Provider ( LSPs) in design, development, and delivery of *non-formal education, training and development. It focuses on the competency of LSPs and intended to assist organisation and individuals to select an LSP who meet the organisation’s needs and expectations for competency and capability development. ISRC prepares your organisation for staff development, ISO 29990 development & implementation and arrange you for certification by accredited auditing firm.


ISO 29990:2010 is a process-based quality management system.

Planning what process are needed for LSP
Establish SOP & other documentation for these processes

Continuous Improvement

Monitor, measure these learning process to ensure they are actively achieving the learning outcome e.g. course evaluation, trainer evaluation, internal audit.

Take corrective / preventive action

How We Can Help

Preparation to Certification

Should you decide to achieve ISO 29990 certification , ISRC will be able assist you through the certification process. Our consultants will provide your organization with the necessary support and advise during the 3rd Party Certification Audit.

  • Phase 1 :
    Gap Analysis to understand the current status
  • Phase 2 :
    Design and Development of Learning Service Management System
  • Phase3:
    Implementation of the System
  • Phase4:
    Internal Audit and Management Review

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