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Who We Are

ISRC is the trusted safety and standards consultancy and training provider.

Our consultants come from a diverse background of expertise and are adept at customising solutions for highly specialised and technical applications. With a decade of applied experience under our belts, the ISRC team has the insight needed to ensure high levels of safety and standards.

Most importantly, each ISRC team member prides themselves on approaching obstacles collaboratively with our clients. We understand that a truly great solution is one that works in harmony with daily operational realities.

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ISRC offers a suite of consultancy services revolving around the widely-applied BizSAFE and ISO systems.

Our consultation methodology is collaborative in nature and aims to develop solutions and systems that truly fit the needs of your organisation.


ISRC provides a wide-range of WSQ and Nebosh training courses. Where necessary, we are also able to provide customised training for specialised applications.

All our courses are deliverable within digital frameworks that account for government prescribed covid-safe measures.