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    NOTE: ISRC Pte Ltd does not provide catering services, applicants will need to arrange on their own.
  • Room Charges

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  • Room Type/Capacity Monday to Friday
    (4 hours)
    (9am to 1pm)
    (2pm to 6pm)
    Monday to Friday
    (9am to 6pm)
    1 Hr - Extension
    Angsana (up to 16 pax) $280 $400 $50
    Tembusu (up to 20 pax) $320 $450 $60
  • Terms & Conditions

  • Use of Room

    The room shall not be used for the following activities: 
    • Political and religious activities.
    • Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) activities.
    • Personal activities (birthdays/wedding events). 
    • Others that encourage disharmony and discord among racial groups or considered as prejudicial  to the public image of ISRC Pte Ltd. ISRC Pte Ltd reserves the right to refuse entry to or to  immediately reject from the facilities or building any person whose presence is in the opinion of  ISRC Pte Ltd undesirable and/or whose conduct is objectionable, disorderly or disruptive or in  violation of any laws.
    • To strictly observe and ensure that the number of participants for the event is restricted to that  as undertaken in the application form, and that all persons, including but not limited to the  applicant’s participants, agents, clients, contractors, attendees and guests etc. 
    • All participants are to strictly adhere to no smoking in the room. 
    • No animals or pets are allowed into the room. 
    • No alcoholic drinks are allowed.

  • Application

    The applicant is required to complete the ‘Booking for Room Rental’ form and submit it to ISRC Pte Ltd to confirm the booking.

    Full payment must be made within 3 days from the date of booking and screenshot of payment transaction is to be sent to The booking will be released if payment is not received and the applicant will need to resubmit their booking and subject to availability.

  • Payment Advice
    Our Singapore Dollar Bank accounts details: OCBC, North Branch
    Bank Code: 7339
    Branch Code: 629
    A/C No: 629-405648-001
    Swift Code: OCBCSGSG
    Bank Address: 460, North Bridge Rd, S(188734)
    PAYNOW Ref: UEN No. 201001978G

  • Cancellation

    Any cancellation must be notified in writing via email. A fee will be imposed for any cancellation made less than 3 days. Any postponement of event is also regarded as cancellation.

  • Exclusion of liability

    ISRC Pte Ltd shall not be liable to the applicant or to any other person attending or participating in the programme organized by the applicant and held on ISRC Pte Ltd’s premises for loss of life or injury to person or loss or damage to property or goods whether occasioned at the facilities or otherwise, except that such loss of life or injury to person is solely and directly caused by the wilful default of ISRC Pte Ltd or its employees or loss or damage to property is solely and directly caused by the wilful default of ISRC Pte Ltd or its employees.

  • Damages

    The applicant shall be fully liable for any damage to the room, building premises, apparatus, fittings and audio-visual equipment etc, of the premises and/or any items or fixtures within the premises. ISRC Pte Ltd shall have the right to demand for compensation for the cost of cleaning, repairs, replacement and/or losses or expenses incurred by ISRC Pte Ltd as a result of such damage. ISRC Pte Ltd shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any properties of the Applicant.

  • Acknowledgement

    I confirm that I have read, understood and accepted ISRC Pte Ltd terms and conditions and further confirm that all the information provided is true, accurate and complete.