Singapore BizSAFE Certifications

ISRC is accredited by the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) as the bizSAFE service provider. We provide full consultancy and training services to companies (SME and MNC) who would like to participate in the bizSAFE Program. Till date, we have helped more than 300 companies to be accredited. Contact us to find out how we can get your company to be bizSAFE accredited

Our BizSAFE Package

bizSAFE Renewal Package for SMEs @ $1200

  1. Update of Risk Management Manual
  2. Update and revision of Risk Assessment and SWPs
  3. Up to 8 Risk Assessments and 8 SWPs
  4. Additional procedures as required by the latest RM Audit Checklist
    1. Accident/Incident Reporting Procedure
    2. Fall Prevention Plan
    3. Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) procedure
  5. RM awareness training for up to 5 pax
  6. Preparation for RM Audit
  7. bizSAFE renewal application for Enterprises

bizSAFE Package for SMEs @ $1800

  1. BizSAFE Level 1 training ( 1 pax)
  2. BizSAFE Level 2 training (1 pax)
  3. Safety and Health Policy
  4. Risk Management Manual
  5. Up to 3 Risk Assessments and 3 SWPs
  6. Additional procedures as required by the latest RM Audit Checklist
    1. Accident/Incident Reporting Procedure
    2. Fall Prevention Plan
    3. Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) procedure
  7. RM awareness training for up to 5 pax
  8. Preparation for RM Audit
  9. bizSAFE application for Enterprises

Grant for BizSafe Level 2 Training

Companies who send their (Singaporean/PR) participant(s) to attend the bizSAFE Level 2 Training “Develop a Risk Management Implement Plan” with ISRC can claim for Skills Development Fund (SDF) Grant of up to 90% of course fee and absenteeism rate.

Why do SMEs need to get BizSAFE Certification?

• Progressively build up Risk Management and Workplace Safety & Health Management System Capabilities
• Increase business competitive edge and meeting tender requirements
• Recognition from BizSAFE partners and industry
• Positive corporate image which portray social responsibility
• Better management of supplier and contractors
• Develop organisation safety culture and reduce downtime due to incidents

BizSAFE Journey

BizSAFE is a five step programme to help companies build up capabilities in addressing workplace safety, health and security.

bizsafe journey
Level 1 – BizSAFE Workshop for CEOs/Top Management


To start on the bizSAFE journey, your company’s top management can sign up for a half-day “bizSAFE Workshop for CEOs / Top Management”. In this Workshop, participant will learn about their legal obligations under the WSH Act and how to develop a WSH Policy which includes the commitment to manage terror risks at their workplaces. Upon completion of the Workshop, you may apply bizSAFE Level 1 certificate which is valid for six months.

Level 2 – Develop a Risk Management Implement Plan


To achieve bizSAFE Level 2, your company must nominate a Risk Management (RM) Champion to attend a 2-day bizSAFE Course on “Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan”. The Champion will learn how to develop a Risk Management Plan and how to conduct Risk Assessment. Participants will be awarded with the Statement of Attainment (SOA) from SkillsFurture Singapore (SSG).

Upon completion of the Course and the Risk Management Plan, you may apply for bizSAFE Level 2 certificate which is valid for six months.

Level 3 – Implement and Audit on the Risk Management Plan


In order to attain bizSAFE Level 3, your company must implement the Risk Management (RM) Plan in your workplace to address all risks highlighted in the RM plan.

The RM Plan shall include:

1. Safety Policy
2. Risk Management Manual
3. Risk Assessment for all work activities
4. Safe Work Procedures
5. Communication Forms

Thereafter, you must engage an WSH auditor from an Auditing Organisation (AO) that is recognised by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) to certify that your company is bizSAFE Level 3 ready.

Audit questions will cover the following:

1. OSH Policy
2. Preparation for hazard identification, risk assessment
and risk control
3. Risk Assessment
4. Implementation and Review

The auditor will be interviewing the Top Management, Risk Management Champion and other stakeholders such as the Risk Assessment Members and employees.

Upon closure of findings from the audit, you may apply for bizSAFE Level 3 certificate which is valid for 3 years.

Level 4 – Develop a Workplace Safety and Health Management System Implementation Plan


For bizSAFE Level 4, your appointed Workplace Safety and Health Management System (WSHMS) Champion will attend 4-day course on “Develop a Workplace Safety and Health Management System (WSHMS) Implementation Plan”. In this course, the Champion will learn how to implement a robust WSHMS for your company. Upon completion of the WSHMS plan, you may apply for bizSAFE Level 4.

Key Workplace Safety & Health Requirements in Singapore

Does my company need to have a Workplace Safety & Health Committee?
  • If your company has more than 50 employees and is regarded as a factory under the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act, it is mandatory for the company to form a WSH Committee
  • The WSH Committee must meet at least once a month and the minutes of meeting must be recorded and filed
  • You can get your WSH committee members trained by attending the ISRC 2-day WSH committee course.
Does my company need to have Risk Assessment?
  • Under the Singapore WSH (Risk Management) Regulations 2007, it is mandatory for companies to carry out risk assessment for all work activities (routine / non-routine)
  • Risk Assessment should be reviewed every three years, or with the occurrence of an incident or when there are major changes to the work practices or work processes
  • ISRC is a Risk Management consultancy Company and will be able to help companies develop a comprehensive Risk Assessments that are accepted by all industries
What types of First Aid Provision I need to have?
  • Companies with 25 to 100 employees are required to provide a minimum of one trained first aider for every shift. Subsequently, there is a need to maintain the ratio of one first aider for every 100 employees.
  • Companies should also ensure there are sufficient number of first aid boxes and adequately equipped.
  • Emergency treatment provision must also be provided for any person in a workplace that may be exposed to toxic or corrosive substances
  • ISRC can assist companies to develop an emergency response plan to deal with all types of contingencies
Does my company need to have a Workplace Safety and Health Officer?
  • Under the Workplace Safety and Health (Workplace Safety and Health Officers) Regulations, the following types of workplace must have a Workplace Safety and Health Officer:
    • Shipyards in which any ship, tanker and other vessels are constructed, reconstructed, repaired, refitted, finished or broken up
    • Factories used for processing petroleum or petroleum products
    • Factors in which building operations or works of engineering construction of contract sum of $10 million or more are carried out
    • Any other factories in which 100 or more persons are employed, except those which are used for manufacturing garments.
  • ISRC has a group of dedicated Workplace Safety and Health Officers that are can be deployed to support companies from various sectors

How Does My Company Achieve BizSAFE Awards?

The Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) organizes annual BizSAFE awards to recognize companies that strive for in providing a safe BizSAFE enterprises

SME Enterprise Exemplary Award

  • SME that have attained BizSAFE Star and exhibit out-standing WSH Performance and standards
  • Enterprises who win in the Exemplary award for 3 consecutive years will be honored with a Gold Award

BizSAFE Champion Award

  • Individuals who have been key players in improving safety and health performances in their workplace. These are employees who have been key drivers of the bizSAFE Programme in their companies

For more information on the bizSAFE awards, please visit this page.

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