SS 590:2013 HACCP-Based Food Safety Management System Internal Auditor Training

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2 Days




Appointed Internal Auditor for Food Safety Management System, Quality Managers, Management Representative, Department Manager Involved in food safety operation and process

The purpose of this training is to provide individuals and organizations with a comprehensive understanding of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) principles and the implementation of the food safety management system based on these principles.

It also aims to improve food safety practices, promote compliance with regulations and ultimately safeguard public health. Besides, to build on the skill and knowledge to conduct internal audit.

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Course Content

Day 1

  • Overview of SS590:2013
  • Key Clauses in SS590:2013
  • Establishment of Food Safety Policy
  • 5 Preliminary Steps of HACCP 12 Stages to enable hazard analysis
  • 7 Principles of HACCP to develop HACCP Plan
  • Differences between Prerequisite Programmes (PRP), Operational Prerequisite Programmes (OPRP) and Critical Control Point (CCP)
  • Handling of Potentially Unsafe Products
  • Understand Differences between Validation and Verification
  • Control of Documents and Records

Day 2

  • Introduction to Auditing
  • Audit Objectives
  • Internal Audit Processes
  • Stage 1 – Audit Preparation
  • Stage 2 – Conduct of Audit
  • Stage 3 – Report Findings and Follow Up

Method of Study

  • Face-to-face training at client’s site OR
  • Online training with virtual interactive activities

Assessment & Certification

Certificates will be issued to participants who have attended the course and have successfully attain COMPETENT for MCQ assessments

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training, learners from SS590:2013 HACCP-based Food Safety Management System Internal Auditor Training will be able to:

  • Understand the clauses and requirements of SS590:2013
  • Develop and maintain food safety management system by meeting SS590:2013 requirements
  • Define the organization’s food safety policy
  • Develop HACCP Plan by applying 7 principles of HACCP system
  • Differentiate PRP, OPRP and CCP in food safety management system
  • Conduct internal audit in accordance to SS590:2013 clauses

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