Conducting Root Cause Analysis For Incident Investigation Course

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2 Days



Safety Committee Members, Safety Officers, Engineers, Field Supervisors

This course will instil participants with knowledge and skills on incident investigation processes, understanding of incident aetiology, develop root cause analysis and preparation of investigation reports.

Downloadable Resources

Course Content

  1. Incidents and near misses
  2. Incident investigation process
  3. Forming an investigation team
  4. Gathering and preserving evidence
  5. Witnesses
  6. Carrying out interviews
  7. Incident aetiology and causation
  8. Simple linear model
  9. Six basic steps to incident investigation
  10. Event and causal charting
  11. Root cause analysis
  12. Investigation report writing
  13. Case Study

Method of Study

Classroom training with individual and group exercises and case study scenarios

Assessment / Certification

Certification will be issued to participant who attend the course and successfully complete the assessments.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the purpose of incident investigation and its process
  • Learn how to establish facts and reconstruct events
  • Understand root cause analysis
  • Understand the application of incident etiology
  • Simple and complex linear accident models
  • Learn to develop sound recommendations
  • Learn how to construct an incident investigation report

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