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Legal Register Development / Updating Services

ISRC has developed a system of Singapore legal register updating service for companies looking to comply with the statutory requirements managed by the Ministry of Manpower, National Environmental Agency, Singapore Civil Defence Force, Building & Construction Authority and the Singapore Police Force. The legal register development and updating service will also meet the legal compliance requirement as stated in the ISO Management system

Legal Register Updating Service

  • Development of a legal register
    1. Identify applicable statutory clauses
    2. Identify the organization actions to comply
    3. Recommend follow up actions for any non-compliance
  • Periodic updating service to the legal register
    1. Be kept informed of the latest statutory requirements
    2. Regular checks on the organization’s legal compliance

Why Engage a Third Party Legal Register Updating Service?

  • Laws and Regulations get updated regularly and time is needed to to track the statutory updates and update the legal register. Organizations may lack the internal resources to do this.
  • Internal staff may be unfamiliar with the statutory structures to effectively and timely identify and implement the applicable Law and Regulations
  • Reduce risk of missing out regulations that may be applicable to the organizations
  • ISRC holds a master copy of the legal register of all our clients and provide timely update to the register to reflect the latest revision

What are the Steps to Ensure Legal Compliance?

  • To identify the applicable Acts, Regulations, Directives, Code of Practice and Standards
  • Determine the applicable clauses within the Law and Legislation
  • Identify the actions taken by the organization to meet the statutory requirements
  • Monitor closely any changes to the Law and Legislation and update the register where necessary
  • Communicate the updates and actions to be taken with the affected team members
  • Track the actions taken to comply with the legislation clauses and make adjustments where necessary

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