Laboratory Safety

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1 Day



Lab users & staff.

This course aims to equip learners with the knowledge and skill to identify S&H legal compliance, associated hazards, and responsibilities in Safety & Health Management System.

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Course Content

  • Understanding Singapore Legal Requirement framework for Laboratory safety
  • Licensing requirement for Flammables, Hazardous Substances and Explosive Precursors
  • Medical Surveillance for Laboratory Employees
  • Permissible exposure levels for Toxic Substances
  • Handle and disposal of Laboratory waste
  • Understand the Risk Assessment Process
  • GHS Labelling of Chemicals
  • Knowing your chemicals through Safety Data Sheet
  • Handle and storage of chemicals according to their compatibility
  • Safe handling and Lab Equipment/Instruments
  • Ergonomic Practices In the laboratory
  • Housekeeping and fire prevention
  • How to select your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • First Aid & Emergency Response
  • Near Miss & Incident Reporting

Method of Study

  • Face-to-face workshop with active learning environment
  • Online Webinar with virtual interactive activities


Online Quiz upon completion of the course


Certificate of Attendance will be awarded for participant who:

  • With 100% attendance; and
  • Passing the assessment criteria

Learning Outcomes

  • Display personal responsibilities on workplace safety and health
  • Identify laboratory risk exposure through risk assessment
  • Apply the process of chemical classification and hazards communication through use of labels In the GHS system
  • Identify the content of chemical through Safety Data Sheet
  • Retrieve the Information of chemical’s hazard through Safety Data Sheet
  • Manage the correct practice in waste disposal in the laboratory
  • Demonstrate best safety practice in chemical storage, handling, transportation
  • Specify the appropriate PPE to wear in the laboratory
  • Demonstrate to emergency situations such as fire and chemical spills in the laboratory
  • Manage any near miss and Incident reporting when it occurs in the laboratory

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