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WSQ Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan / ONLINE WEBINAR

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2 Days


TSC Code

Management, Health & Safety Personnel, Line Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, RM Team Leader and RA Team Leader, Personnel responsible for Risk Management in their workplaces

This course will instill learners with knowledge and skills to be a Risk Management Champion / Risk Assessment Leader for the organization in reducing the risk at source by managing risk management process at the workplace, in compliance with WSH (Risk Management) Regulations and Code of Practice on WSH (Risk Management) Third Revision 2021.

It involves developing a practical risk management implementation plan for the organization. The course provides learners the opportunity to practice and apply knowledge on conducting hazard identification, apply risk assessment methodology to evaluate risk, implement the hierarchy of risk control and communication of hazards through classroom discussion and practice.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive an award of WSQ Statement of Attainment.

Downloadable Resources

Course Content

  • Organization WSHS Policy
  • Overview of the Workplace Safety and Health Act & Subsidiary Legislations
  • Code of Practice on WSH Risk Management Third Revision 2021
  • Verify the Expectations of A Risk Management (RM) Champion / Leader
  • Appointment and Function of RM / RA Team
  • Establish Hazard Identification Methodology
  • Total Workplace Safety Health
  • Establish Risk Assessment Methodology
  • Establish Risk Control Measures Methodology
  • Develop a Workplace Risk Management Plan
  • Present the Risk Management Plan
  • Communicate the Identified Hazard, Risk Evaluated, and Implementation of Risk Control Measures
  • Learner’s Activity
  • SGSecure Guide and Programme for Workplaces


Employability Skill Level 5 – English and Maths

*Online- Availability of Tablet/PC and access to uninterrupted WIFI to access to the Online Webinar and Online Assessment.

Contact +6747 4123 for technical support if you have an issue login in to the Webinar.

Method of Study

Face to Face/Online Webinar-Synchronous

Assessment & Certification

Part 1: MCQ & Written Questioning Session (60 minutes)
Part 2: Written Assessment Report + Interview Session (at selected timing and date)

Statement of Attainment (SOA) will be issued to participant who attends the course and attains COMPETENT for the assessments.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to

  • Form a Risk Management Team based on organizational policy and in compliance with WSH (Risk Management) Regulations
  • Establish Hazard Identification Methodology
  • Apply risk management and control techniques to real-world working environment as a proactive approach and leading indicator
  • Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan specific to the organization and present to Key Stakeholders
  • Establish Risk Communication Methodology for the organization
  • Understand and adhere to SGSecure Programme

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