Certain food establishments in Singapore must be licensed in order to operate. There are various licenses available depending on the type of food processes and outlets. Our comprehensive SFA licenses application services are designed to guide you through the complex process of acquiring the required licenses, ensuring compliance with stringent food safety regulations.

Types of Licensing Application Advisory Services

  1. Food Processing Establishment, Cold Store or Slaughterhouse License
  2. Food Storage Warehouse (non-meat/ fish products) License
  3. Food Retail License
  4. Food Shop & Supermarket License
  5. Food Stall License
  6. Temporary Fair Permit

7. Sales of Herbal Tea License
8. Mobile Food Wagons License
9. Pet Cafes License
10. Import/ Export/ Transshipment of Meat and Fish Products License
11. Import/ Transshipment of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables License
12. Import Table Eggs License
13. Import Processed Food Products and Food Appliances License

What does an ISO consultant do?

Our consultants team have vast experience partnering with organizations of all sizes and from all sectors and can provide the resources that you need for obtaining relevant licenses.

To successfully obtaining relevant licenses from authorities, our Consultant will assist and guide you through the process for the applications, following these steps:

Step 1:
Site visit to understand your business operation and product/nature of business.

Step 2:
Conduct gap analysis and understand the operation at the site.

Step 3:
Gather and review necessary documents and information for license application.

Step 4:
Support and assist with the submission of license application.

We know the importance of understanding the context of your business to ensure the consultancy sessions are efficient and optimized. Our appointed consultants will have the required and relevant experience to support your business needs.

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