Healthier Choice Symbol Services

Our consultant can provide healthier choice symbol services by guiding food manufacturers and processors through the process of obtaining and using the symbol on their food products.

What is Healthier Choice Symbol?

The Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) is a voluntary symbol introduced by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) in Singapore, which is intended to help consumers make healthier food choices. The HCS is awarded to food and beverage products that meet certain nutritional criteria set by the HPB. The HCS criteria aims to encourage consumers to choose products that are lower in saturated fat, trans fat, sodium, sugar and Glycemic Index as well as higher in whole grains or Calcium.

Healthier Choice Symbol Services Process

Why is Healthier Choice Symbol important?

The HCS is an important initiative that supports public health, promotes healthier food choices, enhances consumer confidence, and supports the food industry. By providing a clear and recognizable symbol for healthier food and beverage products, the HCS can help to improve the nutritional quality of the food supply and reduce the incidence of chronic diseases in Singapore.

What does an ISO consultant do?

Our consultants team have vast experience partnering with organizations of all sizes and from all sectors and can provide the resources that you need for Healthier Choice Symbol application:

Step 1:

Assess the nutritional content of products for calories, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, sodium, sugar, percentage of whole grains, dietary fibre or Calcium to determine if they meet the criteria for the HCS.

Step 2:

Advise on the applicable tagline for HCS that can be applied for the food products.

Step 3:

Provide guidance on the application process for the HCS, including the necessary documentation and procedures to follow.

Stage 4:

Review supporting documents to be submitted for HCS application to ensure it meets the necessary criteria.

We know the importance of understanding the context of your business to ensure the consultancy sessions are efficient and optimized. Our appointed consultants will have the required and relevant experience to support your business needs.

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