RA Member Awareness Training Registration / Online Webinar

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    This training will be conducted Online
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  • Terms & Conditions

  • General Confidentiality and Privacy of Personal Data

    ISRC collects information from trainees for administrative and academic purpose. We take security measures to safeguard your personal information. We may share necessary information with Government Agencies, unless such sharing is prohibited by legislation. ISRC will NOT share personal data with non-government entitles, except where such entities have been authorized by yourself. Please refer to our Data Protection Policy for details. Requirements for personal data submission to SkillsFuture Singapore can be found here (Refer to Section: 06)

  • Withdrawal & Deferment

    Withdrawal and deferment notice must be made to ISRC Pte Ltd via email training@isrc.com.sg

  • Note for Participants

    Course confirmation will be sent out to participants via email 2 weeks before the course commencement date.

    MUST ensure availability of Tablet/PC (with camera and speaker function) and access to Uninterrupted WiFi to access to the Online Video Webinar. Contact +6747 4100 for technical support if you have an issue login in to the Webinar. (We advice to test your device prior to the training date)

    You MUST have your NRIC/WP/Passport available for verification when attending assessment/examination.

    Trainees are advised to be punctual for the course duration. Late participants may be barred from entering.

  • Electronic Certificate after completion

    Trainees will be issued with an electronic certificate after completion of the course.

  • Equal Opportunity and Disability Discrimination Policy

    ISRC is committed to equal opportunities in the provision of its services as a training provider. The aim of this policy is to ensure all individual or organization with which ISRC has a relationship receive equal treatment regardless of gender, sexual orientation, color, ethnic or national origin, age , marital status family circumstances, socio-economic background, disability and religious or political belief.

  • Declaration

    I affirm that all information given in this registration form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, and that I have not deliberately omitted any relevant fact. I understand any false or misleading declaration shall make me liable for disqualification, or if already admitted, for expulsion from the program without any refund of fees paid. I have understood all the terms and conditions. I agree to comply and abide by the decision of ISRC Pte Ltd concerning this application.