Basic Lifting and Rigging Safety Course

1 Day

Staff who are involved in lifting operations e.g. riggers, lifting supervisors, crane operators and others who rig loads using standing rigging e.g. pipefitters.

This course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to plan and rig loads safely and to identify lifting and rigging hazards.

Downloadable Resources

Course Content

  • Set up and use of lifting machines
  • Risk management and planning of lifts
  • Rigging principles
  • Loads on rigging and the rigging triangle
  • Use of hardware
  • Lifting and rigging hazard awareness

Method of Study

Classroom training and practical exercises

Assessment / Certification

Certification will be issued to participants who attend the course and successfully complete the assessments.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the basic set up of lifting machines
  • Understand how to carry out a risk assessment and plan a lift
  • Understand rigging principles
  • Understand loads on rigging and the rigging triangle
  • Understand the principles of hardware selection and its correct use
  • Improve knowledge of lifting and rigging hazards and how to avoid them

Need Any Assistance?

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