Healthy Lunch Tips At Work

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1 Hour




  • Employees who are keen to make better food choices during their workday
  • Individuals who are personally interested in health, nutrition, and wellness
  • Workplace wellness committees or similar groups focused on employee health and well-being

In today’s fast-paced work environments, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet can be a challenge. The “Healthy Lunch Tips At Work” training offers practical guidance and insights for employees to make nutritious choices during their workday. This training focuses on enhancing workplace health and nutrition by promoting healthier lunch options, encouraging better food habits, and fostering a culture of well-being within the organization.

Downloadable Resources

Course Content

  • Introduction to Healthy Eating
  • 7 Healthy Eating Tips at Work
  • Benefits of Healthy Eating
  • How To Choose Food with Lesser Fat
  • Limit Salt Intake
  • Balanced Diet and Portion Control

Method of Study

  • Face-to-face or online training with interactive activities


Certification of Attendance will be awarded for participants who are with 100% attendance

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training, learners from this training will be able to:

  • Practice healthy eating by making informed, balanced food choices
  • Understand the significance of portion control and incorporating a variety of food groups
  • Acquire skills to navigate menus effectively, focusing on healthier options and avoiding impulse choices

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