Food Labelling Requirements Training

SGD $320
[Subject to 8% GST]

1 Day




• Food importers, distributors, manufacturer, producers, packers and retailers
• Personnel who are involved in food products development and labelling
• Individuals who are keen to gain knowledge on interpreting food product labels

The 1-day training enables you to understand and apply the general and additional food labelling requirements. The training has been developed in accordance with Singapore Food Agency ‘A Guide to Food Labelling and Advertisement’ and best industry practices.

Downloadable Resources

Course Content

  • General labelling requirements from Singapore Food Agency ‘A Guide to Food Labelling and Advertisements’
  • Writing statement of food ingredients and additives permitted under Singapore Food Regulations
  • Declaration methods of foods & ingredients known to cause hypersensitivity
  • Format of date marking on the expiry date for various types of prepacked food
  • Labelling of food containing sweetening agents and special purpose food
  • Nutrition information panel for prepacked food
  • Prohibited claims on food labels and advertisements
  • Use of nutrition claims and health claims
  • Checklist for food labels and advertisements
  • Case studies of generating proper food labelling

Assessment & Certification

Participant to attend the MCQ Assessment at the end of the course.

Certification will be issued to participants who have attended the course and have successfully completed the assessments.

Need Any Assistance?

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