Food Allergen Awareness

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Anyone who is keen to understand more, Appointed Internal Auditor for Food Safety Management Systems, Quality Managers, Management Representative, Department Manager/ Key Personnel Involved In food safety operational and process

The 4 hours training enables you to understand the difference between food allergies and food intolerances, identify 8 common food allergens and interpret food allergen advice. The training has been developed in accordance with Singapore Food Agency website on Food Allergens and best industry practices.

Downloadable Resources

Course Content

  • Differences between food allergies and food intolerance
  • Symptoms of food allergies or intolerance reactions
  • Food & ingredients known to cause hypersensitivity, according to Singapore Food Agency
  • Examples of food & ingredients for 8 common types of food allergens
  • Declaration of methods of food and ingredients known to cause hypersensitivity on food label
  • Case studies to interpret allergen advice and declarations on food product labels
  • Food allergens management programme to minimise risk of cross-contamination

Assessment & Certification

Participant to attend the MCQ Assessment at the end of the course.

Certification will be issued to participants who have attended the course and have successfully completed the assessments.

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